These are terms and conditions ("Terms") that govern the partnership between you, our customer (known as "you" in these conditions) and MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD, ACN 620 203 410 of Tower 1, Level 16, Suite 1603a, 520 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022, Australia ("MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD ") for provision of service by MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD. If you're a consumer within any nearby/local legislation e.g. the Australian Consumer Laws (ACL) ("Consumer") then additional protection under the law may be accessible to you and you will be given in this record. If you're not really a Consumer, you concur that you have specialist to bind any business on whose behalf you seek to get services. These Conditions shall include certain conditions given on the relevant MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD website for Australia ("Website") centered at, like the MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD privacy policy which when used mutually are exclusive with regards to MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD services. Other basic terms and conditions do not apply, nor form area of the agreement between us, even if we do not explicitly ignore them. The Conditions are at the mercy of change without preceding notice, except that the Conditions in force at that time you place or alter an order will govern the order involved. For the avoidance of uncertainty, mere looking off (as opposed to purchasing services from) the web site is at the mercy of the Terms Of Website Use rather than these Terms. 

The principal services provided by MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD are to assist you in obtaining travel visas and other travel records. We summarize documents and varieties you generally need to provide to attain these goals and then send these documents and varieties duly completed by you, to the government bodies or appropriate body. For the avoidance of uncertainty, if we offer services for you, you are our customer and these Conditions apply. If we send you to any company, you take responsibility for researching any services provided which service provider's conditions and conditions will make an application for their services. We do not acknowledge any responsibility for alternative party services and these Conditions will not connect with those services.

Our order process gives you to check on and amend any mistakes before submitting your order to us. Once you place an order, you will obtain an e-mail from us acknowledging that people have obtained your order. When your order is apparently accurate, we will inform you that people have accepted your order and started focus on it. This popularity email is entitled "YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN RECEIVED". The deal between us is only going to be formed whenever we send you this approval e-mail.

These Terms connect with any offer and any contract between you and MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD and the provision of any service provided for you by or with respect to My Visa Agent Pty Ltd according of however, not limited by the handling of visas, passports and/or documents for you or in your stead. Some Conditions may make reference to an issuing specialist, which is your body as an embassy, consulate or other company that concern or provide you with the documents wanted by you.

If MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD offers you a translation of the British language version of the Terms, you concur that the translation is provided for your convenience only and that the British language versions of the Conditions will govern your relationship with MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD. When there is any inconsistency between your English vocabulary version of the Conditions and the translation, the British vocabulary version shall take precedence. 


MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD will endeavor to offer you accurate details also to ascertain you have the visa for your trip for the time required regularly. Nevertheless, you should understand that all requirements to get the visa (paperwork, fees, time structures, etc.) are determined based on basic requirements and may differ corresponding to information provided by you such as current or prior nationality, dwelling, gender, age, vocation, recent travel, religious beliefs etc. It's also advisable to understand that the issuing power may change standard country requirements with no warning or require additional specific information from you. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD will try to see you as soon as such change is made.


You can talk to the set of requisites to be satisfied to be able to process your visa on our website. To make you know where your documents are in all times, you'll be directed an e-mail confirming the receipt of your document when it extends to our offices.

MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD is only going to process the visa(s) suggested in your question; it assumes no responsibility for other visas necessary for your trip which may have not been wanted or which relate with ceases on your trip.

By submitting a number of demands to process a number of visas to MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD, you admit these Conditions. Once your request(s) has/have been designed to MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD, MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD shall send to the e-mail address provided by you a contact with the precise conditions of the visa wanted (kind of visa, destination, timeframe, etc.). On receipt of your paperwork your demands will be validated and MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD shall start the procedures to get the visa(s). If offered, mobile purchases will be accepted on your day of location and mail purchases will be accepted: 

  1. If given a contact address, whenever we email you with a 'Order Received'; or elsewhere.

  2. On the first working day after receipt of the completed varieties. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD reserves the right to refuse in its total discretion to take care of any application anytime no reason you need to give.  


When MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD returns your passport and documents to you, it's important that you concur that every one of the visas you will need for your travel have been obtained, that visas for each and every country you want to visit are valid for the schedules of entrance and departure from the country/region of your visit and with the objective and character of your visit (travel and leisure, business, review, etc.). You need to notify MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD immediately by email if you identify any discrepancy in your documents.  

The issue of the visa depends only on the issuing power and immigration officers in each country have the ultimate decision to declare entry in to the country or region, even though all the stipulated requirements have been achieved. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD will not promise that the issuing power will concern the visa regularly and within the given timeframe; therefore, MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD fees will be gathered for the conclusion of procedures necessary for this matter. Non-refundable fares or reservations should not be purchased until all visas have been obtained. 


MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD will send completed applications right away by courier unless usually instructed. A delivery fee will be put into your order. All alternative party delivery companies are at the mercy of the conditions placed by these specific companies. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD accepts no responsibility for reduction or delays incurred when working with alternative party delivery companies.  


MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD may offer to provide additional services. If so, the explanation and relevant conditions for those additional services can be found on the site and are designed into these conditions. 


The fees for  MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD services will be those specified on the site, including any indirect fees (if any) that can be applied to the fees and other charges and fees charged by an issuing specialist or any courier or delivery service, which must be paid by you. After MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD submits an application set of documents to an issuing authority in your stead, MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD service fees are non-refundable. 

Consular fees and option of services are at the mercy of change with no warning. Fees and services varies between your time the order is put so when the purchased is completed. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD will endeavor to speak said changes to its client where possible. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD reserves the right to select the best suited service available given enough time constraints as suggested by its client. 

All fees paid to an issuing authority by MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD in your stead are non-refundable. When a visa or passport request is submitted in your stead and the demand is rejected for any reason, MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD will, in your request, make yet another try to secure the travel papers. In addition MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD service fees will never be assessed in this example but you'll be asked to pay any extra fees evaluated by the issuing authority.

For orders that are not submitted via the website, order process may be billed by another administrative cost if so given on the site. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD reserves the right to pend passports and documents until full repayment is received. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD service fees can vary greatly in line with the amount of business processing days and nights open to procure the service. Consulate closings and vacations are excluded.

Orders terminated prior to distribution will be evaluated for MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD’S service fees. After the program has been posted to the correct government company full fees will apply. Additional cancellation fees may be employed for early drawback of the application form.


The issuing expert will make the ultimate determination concerning the sort of visa or passport, how quickly it'll be issued as well as for what duration it'll be issued. Ahead of endorsement, the issuing expert may require additional documents. The issuing expert may reject any visa, passport or other travel record application for just about any reason and might not exactly give a reason to MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD for the rejection. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD does not issue visas or passports and cannot make any promise or assurances that any issuing expert will issue any file nor can MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD guarantee enough time necessary for an issuing power to give or reject a credit card application. Issuing authorities might want to grant a new kind of travel record than whatever the applicant has wanted which might impact the reason, validity or amount of entries. Because of this, non-refundable seat tickets or reservations shouldn't be purchased until all the mandatory travel documents for your trip have been anchored. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD, as well as the issuing specialists, reserve the right to prioritize processing in line with the travel schedules you provide. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD service fees are evaluated for taking fair activities to foster the issuance of a wanted travel documents.    

MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD uses its best endeavors to process applications for visas, passports and/or documents at the client's submission. However, MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD shall not be performed in charge of nor recognize any responsibility for the activities of any consulate, embassy, or passport office in delaying or not issuing such applications for just about any reason whatsoever, nor shall MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD be held in charge of charges and/or delay due to or regarding the: 

  1. Imperfect applications.

  2. Improperly or falsely completed applications.

  3. Inaccurate or imperfect supporting documents. 

Any price or cost incurred by your client anticipated to these delays or non-issuances shall not be the duty of, nor shall any charges be levied upon MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD provides visa and passport information in good beliefs on the express knowing that the said information is the interpretation of any or all information provided by particular embassies, consulates or passport office buildings at any or all times and MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD shall not allow responsibility or responsibility whatsoever for just about any mistakes and/or omissions in the info. 

MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD will endeavor, whenever we can, to process the client's visa, passport and/or paper predicated on the instructions given and applications submitted, though it is the client's express responsibility to ensure that the validity of the said visa/passport/paper obtained and protects the intervals where the client projects to enter in and leave the united states or countries that your client is visiting as well as for the amount of entries compared to that country and it is valid with the objective intended. 

When MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD returns your passport and documents, it is your responsibility to confirm that the visas you need for your trip have been obtained, that the visas for each and every country you want to visit are valid for the accessibility and exit times of your visit, that your individual details are mirrored accurately, and that your passport is valid for at least half a year beyond the conclusion of your trip. Please be aware that even though a visa is given, a traveller may be refused entrance since in each country the neighborhood immigration officers make the ultimate entry decision. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD recommends all tourists secure a visa prior to departure and don't try to obtain one "on arrival". 


Should a passport, report or other item be lost, misplaced, ruined, delayed or ruined, MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD shall only be liable if it's at fault and its own liability will be limited to the essential replacement cost of this item. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD is not in charge of items misplaced, harmed, delayed or demolished with a delivery service or issuing power. 

Passport covers and every document such as original lender claims, educational and beginning certificates etc not wanted for distribution by MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD training should be maintained by the applicant. 

My Visa Agent Pty Ltd allows no responsibility for losing or harm of such documents. MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD  accepts no responsibility for travelers electing to acquire on-arrival visas. To the utmost extent permitted for legal reasons, MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD excludes or restricts any immediate, indirect or consequential reduction and everything statutory or implied conditions and guarantees, including, without restriction, lost earnings or travel or vacation costs or any damage due to information from the Website. At the mercy of the other procedures of the clause, our maximum responsibility for loss triggered for you whether under agreement, tort, or elsewhere, shall be limited by as small as AUD $110.00 or the worthiness of the documents on main topic of the contract at that time the documents were received by the business.   

Little or nothing in this contract excludes or restricts our responsibility for: 

  1. Loss of life or injury brought on by our neglect

  2. Scams or deceptive misrepresentation.

  3. Another matter that it might be unlawful for all of us to exclude or try to exclude our responsibility.


You may have 60 calendar days and nights from the particular date of delivery of the visa (or if not supplied, from the particular date of order) to see MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD of any claim related to MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD services. After the relevant deadline has transferred, any protection under the law for rectification or payment shall expire.  


These terms and conditions and any record expressly described in them constitute the complete arrangement between us and supersede all prior discussions, correspondence, discussions, previous layout, understanding or contract between us associated with the subject of any deal. If any provision of the Terms will not adhere to any law, then your provision must be read down to be able to give it the maximum amount of effect as you possibly can. If it's not possible to provide the provision any result whatsoever, then it must be cured as severable from all of those other Terms. WHERE IN FACT My Visa Agent Pty Ltd struggles to perform any responsibility under the agreement scheduled to any circumstances, subject or thing beyond its realistic control ("force majeure") MY VISA AGENT PTY LTD will be excused from such responsibilities to the degree of such protection, restriction or disturbance so caused. THE BUSINESS may sub-contract all or part of its responsibilities or assign all or part of its privileges under this agreement. This agreement will not create any right enforceable by someone who is not really a party to it, aside from any lawful successor or assignee. Any dispute arising under this contract will be governed by the Regulations of the Express of New South Wales and both parties agree to send to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales.